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When did Mistral begin in windsurfing?

Is windsurfing difficult to learn?

What makes learning difficult?

Is windsurfing good exercise?

What equipment is needed?

How must the rig components fit each other?

Do I buy the components separately?

What are the characteristics of learner boards?

What sail size would I need to learn?

How important is it to learn with the correct equipment?

What clothing to wear?

What is a harness and do I need one?

What volume board do I need?

What are the different niche styles of windsurfing?

What windsurfing equipment do Mistral offer?

How important is the paddle?

What’s the difference between paddles?

What is the anatomy of a paddle?

What is an adjustable paddle?

So why would I purchase a fixed length paddle?

Should I own more than one fixed length paddle?

Does the weight of a paddle affect paddling performance?

So a lightweight paddle is preferred?

Is an expensive, lightweight paddle worth investing in?

But I don’t have the budget for lightweight paddle?

What are your cheaper paddles made from?

What are you entry level paddles?

Why would I want a 3 piece paddle?

Shaft flex, why does this matter?

Blade size and area?

What is a low/high aspect paddle?

Do I need a big or small blade?

How does blade area affect paddling?

How long should my paddle be?

What’s the best paddle for general paddling?

Which paddles for racing?

Which paddles for surf?

Junior aged paddles?

River paddling?